Right Start of Career

Dream JOB

Have you ever taken up a job that was unrelated to your major? Or have you been forced to work in a job that doesn't motivate you or give you fulfillment?

A job that brings satisfaction and helps you use your full potential not only affects your development and success but your life as a whole. Whether it will be bright, filled with exciting events and people, challenges to overcome, and discoveries to make depends on your career choices.

How to start your professional career?


Best way to start your professional career is through internship. Companies that are headed towards the future and have good leadership qualities also focus on giving plenty of opportunities for career starters - whether  through internship programmes, training or chances to participate in real projects. As an intern you will gain valuable knowledge in your profession and get a definite advantage over other candidates.

Work experience

Professional work experience is one of the most important criteria employers seek in candidates. You don't need to wait until graduation to gain work experience. With talents.fund you can easily find job offers in your specialty and take first steps in your career all while studying. This way you will not only have your diploma but also have valuable experience to add to your CV!

How to start?

Join talents.fund and present yourself as a potential candidate. Keep an eye on job offerings and share your achievements and abilities so companies looking for young and talented people will see you first. We share a lot of tricks and tips to our users for finding a desired job or internship.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao-Zi 

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