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Posting a job ad in is easy, quick and convenient.

We offer two ways for creating your  job ad. One of them is posting your job ad with just 5 clicks. To use this option choose "upload document" when creating your ad and enter general data, such as language, title of the job and occupation field. Leave the rest of the work, such as writing the ad text or choosing the right parameters, to us. This is especially convenient if you already have your job ad as a document or have posted it to other platforms as well. The second option is creating your job ad from the scratch. 

Post your job ad

Promote your job ad

Promote your job ad by highlighting it over other offers. We recommend you to use this service when you haven't received enough applications or need to fill a position ASAP. You can activate our promoting service while posting your job ad or later. We can also help you promote your job vacancies to certain target groups through social media, just let us know by writing to Other extra services are always available to you right on your user account.  

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