Benefits of joining helps students and graduates in starting their professional path properly or move up the career ladder. Your references issued with will help them in quick career targets accomplishment and achieving desired results!
Support your students and graduates

With your students and graduates will have access to job vacancies, internship programs and scholarships offered by leading Baltic companies that contributes to a better start and a successful career development.

Help your students and graduates in their professional development! Leave references on their diligence, sociability and other qualities, as those who just started their career don’t have necessary references for getting responsible job. Thus, it makes evaluating process difficult for recruitment specialists. Perhaps, your reference will be the one that will play a key role in your graduate’s professional development! also helps you stay in touch with your students after their graduation. Support your graduates in their new accomplishments and share the joy of victory together!

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Leaving recommendations is quick and easy with For this purpose we created a user-friendly interface with 3 rating scales.

On we enabled job seekers’ CV rating which is considerably influenced by references received from educators. Your reference increases overall CV rating and reputation of your student as well as boosts his opportunity to get desired job or internship. The higher the rating, the better the chances that your student will stand out from the crowd and catch employer’s eye.

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