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If you are in a search for talented employees to develop your business and maintain a competitive edge, is just what you need!

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Post a job ad with just 5 clicks
Posting a job or internship ad in is quick and easy. It only takes 5 clicks to post a new job ad.
We offer you good prices and convenient tools, helping you save valuable resources. With talents.find you save time and money.
Easy search and tools
We offer a simple and intuitive interface for analyzing and searching CV-s, saving you a lot of valuable time.
Experienced specialists and interns
We offer you experienced candidates with required skill sets and motivated interns with innovative practices.
CV's rating system
To make it easier to analyze CV's, we offer you a CV rating feature, based on the data provided in the CV (such as education, academic performance, work experience, recommendations and many other factors).
Automated match
We offer an auto matching tool, that checks the suitability of different CV's regarding certain job profiles and provides you with a short-list of the most suitable candidates.
Email notifications
With just one click you can save your search criteria for certain candidates and activate your email notifications to get updates whenever suitable candidates are found.

Our main focus is on providing high-quality CV's and making it easier to search and find suitable candidates. If you care deeply about developing your business then helps you invest in the future of your company.